Cargo Insurance

Do you have items that you are importing or exporting? Do you want them covered whilst in transit or being stored? Do you only require this once a year? Are you shipping a few times a year or more?

We can cater to all the above needs, whether a Single Transit policy or an Annual Policy. All Around can deliver the goods. Regardless of Product or Sums Insured or Policy Period, we can be as flexible as your business requires.

With more and more incidents occurring overseas, the chances are that at some stage your businesses may incur a loss when importing or exporting goods. This can be solved by taking out a Cargo policy.

Household Goods

Are you moving back to Australia or moving abroad? Are you moving between states? Have you already received quotes to cover your Household Goods in Transit and been quoted a fortune? At All Around this is one of our specialist products, we can save you time and money with a product that suits your needs. We know how frustrating it is when you are trying to organise moving let alone a big move and the last thing on our clients minds is Insurance.

We can offer policies that;

  • Allow you to Self-Pack
  • Pick your own shipping company
  • Pick your own excess

Most Insurers exclude self-packing, our Insurers welcome it. Why spend a fortune on Removalists insurance packages when you can get it done yourself!

Please click the “Get Quote” button below for an obligation-free quote. Alternatively, you can contact us 1800-123-345 for any further queries.